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Managing Branch Locations


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Managing Branch Locations

You manage branch locations through the Branch Locations page, which is accessed by clicking the Settings > Branch Locations link in the Data Discovery sidebar on the left.

From the Branch Locations page you can:

Viewing Branch Locations

The Branch Locations page lists available branch locations. This view also shows the total number of existing branch locations. The Branch Locations page shows the following details:

Site NameName of the branch location.
CountryName of the country.
State/ProvinceName of the state/province. This field is applicable to the United States. For other countries, the field is unavailable, indicated by N/A.
CityName of the city.
DescriptionDescription of the branch location.

Use the Search text box to filter branch locations. Search results display branch locations that contain the specified text in their names.

Adding Branch Locations

Adding a branch location requires specifying the country and city where the branch is located. To add a branch location:

  1. Click + Add Location on the right of the Branch Locations page.

  2. In the Add Branch Location dialog box, enter the following details:

    Site NameSpecify a unique name for the branch location. The name must be longer than two characters and up to 64 characters. This field is mandatory.
    CountrySelect the country from the drop-down list. This field is mandatory.
    State/ProvinceSelect the state/province from the drop-down list. This field is applicable to the United States. For other countries, the field is unavailable.
    CitySpecify name of the city. This field is mandatory.
    DescriptionDescribe the branch location (up to 250 characters).
  3. Click Save.

The newly created location appears on the Branch Locations page. By default, branch locations are displayed in alphabetic order by name. Depending on the number of entries per page, you might need to navigate to other pages to view the newly created branch location.