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Managing GuardPoints

Enabling GuardPoints


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Enabling GuardPoints

A CTE client does not enforce protection on disabled GuardPoints. References to those GuardPoints exist in the CipherTrust Manager configuration. To resume protection of such GuardPoints, you need to enable them.

To enable a disabled GuardPoint:

  1. Open the Transparent Encryption application.

  2. Select the client or client group from which you want to enable the GuardPoint.

    • Click a client under the Client Name column (Clients > Clients).

    • Click a client group under the Client Group Name column (Clients > Client Groups).

  3. On the GuardPoints tab, select the GuardPoint to be enabled.

  4. Click the overflow icon (Overflow Icon) corresponding to the desired GuardPoint, and click Enable.

The GuardPoint status becomes Active. It might take some time to update the status. When the GuardPoint is enabled, the CTE client starts enforcing protection on the GuardPoint.