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Application Data Protection Administration

Single Pane of Glass


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Single Pane of Glass

Single pane of glass provides a unified view for all the applications defined on the CipherTrust Manager. With all the associated clients at one place, it becomes easy for the Application Data Protection Administrator to manage and keep track of them. Currently, there is no mechanism for the admins to view the details of a client, state of the client, and the application they are protecting. With unified display, the admins have capability to view and sort all the client at one place.

To use this feature, the client must be defined on the CipherTrust Manager. Refer to Managing Applications for details. After registration, the clients are displayed on the Application page. The Applications page shows the total number of applications in different states such as errors, warnings, and healthy. The Status Bar contains the following tabs:

  • Total Applications: Shows the total number of applications.

  • Errors: Shows the number of applications in error state.

  • Warnings: Shows the number of applications in warning state.

  • Healthy: Shows the number applications in in healthy state.

Click each tab to filter the application.

To view the applications added to the CipherTrust Manager:

  1. Open Application Data Protection.

  2. In the left tab, click Applications. The applications list shows the following details:

StatusHealth status of the application:
Healthy: An application is considered healthy when all the clients within that application are healthy.
Errors: An application is considered erroneous if at least one client associated with that application is in error state.
Warnings: An application is said to be in warning state if at least one client associated with that application is in warning state.
Note: The overall status of an application is determined by the lowest status (error being the lowest) of any client within that application.
The following precedence order is used while determining the application's state: Error > Warning > Healthy.
For example, if an application has three clients; one healthy, one in warning state, and one in error state, the application will be in error state.
NameName of the application.
ClientsClient registered within the application.
Connector TypeType of the connector. Currently, only DPG is supported.