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ProtectFile Administration



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A ProtectFile client represents a machine where ProtectFile is installed. The client is automatically added to the CipherTrust Manager on successful registration.

The following table lists the parameters that are required when managing a ProtectFile client on the CipherTrust Manager:

IP Address or HostnameIP address or hostname of the client.
OS TypeOperating system running on the client - Linux or Windows. The default operating system is Windows.
Client ProfileProfile for the client. The client will be linked with this client profile. The default client profile is Default_ClientProfile.

ProtectFile provides options to view existing clients, view and modify their details, and delete them when they are no longer required.

As soon as a client is deleted from the CipherTrust Manager, all communication between the CipherTrust Manager and the client will stop immediately. It is recommended that all files and folders be decrypted before deleting the client, otherwise all encrypted files and folders will become inaccessible.