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Managing GuardPoints

Viewing GuardPoint Status


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Viewing GuardPoint Status

Status of GuardPoints can be seen on the CipherTrust Manager and on the client running the CTE Agent. The CipherTrust Manager GUI shows the GuardPoint status as it is configured on the CipherTrust Manager. It is not a real-time indication of the actual status.

Viewing GuardPoint Status on the Client

To view the actual status:

  1. Log on to the CTE client as root/administrator.

  2. Run the CTE Agent utilities.

  3. Compare the GuardPoint status on the client with the status on the CipherTrust Manager GUI. If they do not match, go with the status on the CTE client.

Viewing GuardPoint Status on the GUI

The GuardPoints tab of the Clients page shows the total number of configured GuardPoints with their status. Similarly, status of GuardPoints on a client group can viewed on its GuardPoints tab.

To view the status on the GUI:

  1. Open the Transparent Encryption application.

  2. Click Clients > Clients.

  3. Under Client Name, click the desired client.

  4. Click the GuardPoints tab. This tab shows the list of configured GuardPoints.

  5. View the Status of the GuardPoint. The status can be:

    • Active: GuardPoint is deployed successfully and connection to the CTE Agent is healthy. The CTE client enforces protection on active GuardPoints.

    • Inactive: GuardPoint is enabled but not yet applied. Possible reasons are:

      • The GuardPoint is manual and is not mounted on the client. To apply manual GuardPoints, the client administrator needs to run the secfsd -guard command on the client.

      • A communication error has occurred between the CipherTrust Manager and CTE client.

    • Disabled: GuardPoint is disabled. The CTE client does not enforce protection on disabled GuardPoints. However, references to the GuardPoints exist in the CipherTrust Manager configuration.

    • Unknown: GuardPoint is created. Awaiting response from the CTE Agent on the GuardPoint request.

To view more details about an Active or Inactive GuardPoint, click the corresponding status link.

A status Processing is displayed for a brief period until an operation on the GuardPoint completes.