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CipherTrust Manager Administration

Connection Manager


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Connection Manager

The Connection Manager contains a list of all connections to the resources that are external to the CipherTrust Manager server. Any resource that you intend to use with the CipherTrust Manager and that resides outside of the CipherTrust Manager infrastructure has to be added using the Connection Manager.

Only the Connection Admins can add, edit, delete, or test a connection.

Accessing the Connection Manager

To access the Connection Manager, log in to the CipherTrust Manager as administrator. Next, click Keys & Access Management on the main screen, and then select Connections from the sidebar on the left.

The Connections Management screen is displayed. It is divided into:

Internal Connections

The tabular view lists all the currently configured servers. You can arrange the list in different orders, by clicking on the column headers to sort it by that column. The table has the following columns:

  • Hostname - hostname of the server

  • Description - description of the server

  • Created - date when the server was created

  • Service - type of service

  • Products - name of the product that uses the server

The last column contains an ellipsis icon (...). When clicked, it displays a menu that allows you to perform the following operations on the existing servers:

  • Delete - delete the server

  • Download Server Cert - download the server certificate

Click the Download Luna Client Cert button to download the certificate of the Luna client registered with Luna HSM.

Use the filters in the column headers to filter through multiple servers and display only those that you wish to display.

Use the Search box to search for a specific server.

Refer to Adding an Internal Connection (Server) to add the servers.

Connection Manager Certificate Expiration Check

The CipherTrust Manager inspects the expiration date of the certificates used in the configured connections everyday, at a preset system time to log the record. This is done for the following connections:

  • Microsoft Azure

  • DSM Connection

  • Hadoop

  • Salesforce

  • Luna Network HSM

The CipherTrust Manager then creates list of certificates based on their expiration date:

  • Certificates whose expiration dates are within 91 days.

    This list is logged in the Records section once every week.

  • Certificates whose expiration dates are within 7 days.

    This list is logged in the Records section once every day.

  • Certificates that are already expired.

    This list is logged in the Records section once every day.

You can also create alarm triggers for these records. For more details, go to Creating Alarm Trigger for Connection Certificate Expiration.