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CTE Administration

Configuring Cluster Node Preference


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Configuring Cluster Node Preference

A CTE administrator can configure preferred nodes of a CipherTrust Manager cluster for sending status updates from CTE clients. The administrator assigns a priority to every node of the cluster.

The cluster nodes can be categorized into tiers on the CipherTrust Manager GUI, with every tier assigned a priority. For example, Tier 1 is assigned higher priority than Tier 2. All tiers (for example, Tier 1 + Tier 2) can have a total of 20 nodes. This preference is configured through server settings in profiles. If not configured, the CipherTrust Manager continues working with the default settings. Refer to Communication with CipherTrust Manager for the default behavior.

After the server settings are configured, the CTE clients associated with the profile first try to send status updates to the top tier. If none of the nodes in the tier is reachable, the CTE clients try to send updates to the next tier.

This feature is applicable to the CipherTrust Manager clusters.

To configure the cluster node preference in a profile:

  1. Open the Transparent Encryption application.

  2. In the left pane, click Settings > Profiles.

  3. Under Name, click the desired profile.

    Alternatively, click the overflow icon (Overflow Icon) corresponding to the desired profile and click Edit.


  5. Modify the server settings, as appropriate. Refer to Configuring Server Settings for details.

  6. Click Update.