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CipherTrust Manager Administration

Configuring DNS Hosts


Please Note:

Configuring DNS Hosts

CipherTrust Manager allows the Admin users to specify local DNS host entries, which eliminates the need to remember the IP addresses. While specifying a hostname, its IP address is required so that CipherTrust Manager can connect directly to that address whenever its hostname is specified for any outbound connection such as SMTP and Syslog Server.

While creating a DNS entry, make sure that DNS hostnames are unique in the system; however, multiple hostnames can be assigned to a single IP address.

Hostname can be specified using:

  • API playground

    Refer to the DNS Hosts section.

  • CLI tool (ksctl)

Creating a DNS Record

To create a DNS record, run:

ksctl dnshosts create --name <hostname> --ip <IP_address_of_the_host>


  "id": "07eb1e56-8b22-4c72-a6a2-464f24f590a1",
  "uri": "kylo:kylo:solo:dns:07eb1e56-8b22-4c72-a6a2-464f24f590a1",
  "account": "kylo:kylo:admin:accounts:kylo",
  "application": "ncryptify:gemalto:admin:apps:kylo",
  "devAccount": "ncryptify:gemalto:admin:accounts:gemalto",
  "createdAt": "2020-08-17T09:40:06.951331083Z",
  "name": "hostname",
  "ip": "12.12.xx.xx",
  "updatedAt": "2020-08-17T09:40:06.951331083Z"

Currently, local DNS-Host entries are not resolved while configuring SNMP and NTP servers.