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CipherTrust Intelligent Protection


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CipherTrust Intelligent Protection

This document describes the CipherTrust Intelligent Protection (CIP) solution. The document explains how Intelligent Protection can be used by customers to Discover and Protect their sensitive data. Customers can run the DDC Scan to identify the sensitive data located on different Data Stores. Next, they can configure CTE Policy and GuardPoint to protect their data based on the information discovered by DDC. This integration between DDC and CTE provides an Intelligent way to protect data based on sensitivity.

It is assumed, for this document, that you have already configured the CipherTrust Manager appliance. Refer to CipherTrust Manager Administration for details.


This document contains the following sections:

  • Overview: Provides a high-level overview of the CIP solution.

  • Configuration: Provides details about setup requirement and configuration to be performed on CM, TDP, DDC, and CTE.

  • Concepts: Describes the CIP concepts such as protection modes, types of policies, automated intelligent protection, and classification of data.

  • Scans: Describes how to add, configure, and execute DDC scan to enable Intelligent Protection.

  • Reports: Provides reports to visaulaize data scan, classification, and remediation results in tabular and graphical view.

  • CTE Policies: Describes CTE policies and configuration for the CIP solution.

  • File Operations with CIP: Describes behavior for File Operations on files protected using the CIP solution.

  • Backup and Restore: Provides information how to perform Backup and Restore of data protected with the CIP solution.