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ProtectFile Administration


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ProtectFile Administration

This document describes how to manage client profiles and ProtectFile clients on CipherTrust Manager. The guide also provides instructions to encrypt local file systems and network shares using encryption keys stored on the CipherTrust Manager.

It is assumed, for the purpose of this document, that the reader has already configured the CipherTrust Manager appliance.

This document, may at times, abbreviate ProtectFile client to client.


The ProtectFile Administrator Guide contains the following chapters:

  • Interfaces: Provides an overview of the CipherTrust Manager interfaces—Command Line Interface (CLI), REST Application Programming Interface (REST API), and Graphical User Interface (GUI).

  • Client Profiles: Describes client profiles.

  • Clients: Describes clients.

  • Access: Describes access policy groups, access policies, group types, and access policies for processes, group association.

  • Keys: Provides information on keys used for encrypting data using ProtectFile.

  • Rules: Describes encryption rules, migration process, and subdirectories ignored during encryption.

  • Client-Rule Associations: Describes a client-rule association and cryptographic operations and their state flow.

  • Network Shares: Describes how to create a network share, prerequisites to protect a network share, and how to link a network share with a client.

  • Clusters: Describes how to create a cluster and how to link a client to a cluster.

  • Operations: Describes the process to register a ProtectFile client with the CipherTrust Manager. The chapter also provides instructions on how to protect local file systems and network shares using ProtectFile.

User Roles

The ProtectFile has different kinds of users with different responsibilities in administering and using the system.

It is critical that credentials for these users be kept in a secure location. If a credential is compromised an attacker could gain access to sensitive data.

ProtectFile Administrator

There is a System Defined Group named ProtectFile Admins. Users within the ProtectFile Admins group are ProtectFile Administrators.

A ProtectFile Administrator is responsible for creating and managing the following ProtectFile resources:

  • Client profiles and clients

  • Network shares, and share-clients and share-rules associations

  • Clusters, and cluster-clients and cluster-rules associations

  • Access policies, access policy groups, and their associations

  • Rules and client-rule associations

  • Client Registration Tokens (with additional rights of System Defined Group named "CA Admins")

ProtectFile User

There is a System Defined Group named ProtectFile Users. CipherTrust Manager clients enrolled for ProtectFile are part of this group.