About the Appliance Administration Guide

The maintenance and administrative tasks in this document are for the Luna Network HSM appliance, outside of the HSM. HSM administrative tasks are described in the HSM Administration Guide. Some activities might encompass both portions of the Luna Network HSM server.

As an HSM Server, Luna Network HSM provides increased operational flexibility over traditional HSMs. The Luna Network HSM appliance includes an integrated FIPS 140-2 level 3 HSM, the Luna K7 Cryptographic Engine, which offers the same high level of security as traditional HSMs.

The HSM appliance that you have purchased has been factory configured to authenticate as either:

>Password authentication version (equivalent to FIPS 140-2 level 3, using password strings for authentication and access control.

>Multifactor Quorum (a.k.a. PED or Trusted Path) authentication version that requires the Luna PED and role-/function-authenticating PED keys for authentication and access control.

The HSM appliance adds a secure service layer (NTLS and STC) that allows the Luna Cryptographic Engine (the HSM inside the appliance) to be shared as a service to network applications. Like traditional servers that provide e-mail, web pages, and file download (FTP) services to authenticated clients, the HSM appliance offers HSM services to clients on the network.

As an Ethernet-attached device, the HSM appliance can be shared among many applications on a network. Rather than requiring many HSMs to fulfill the security demands of many applications, one HSM appliance can be shared among many applications simultaneously.

This document contains the following chapters:

>Luna Network HSM Hardware Installation

>Appliance Hardware Functions

>Configuring the Luna Network HSM for Your Network

>Appliance Users and Roles

>System Logging

>Client Connections

>Backing Up and Restoring the Appliance Configuration

>Updating the Luna Network HSM Appliance Software

>Re-Imaging or Decommissioning the HSM Appliance

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