Re-Imaging or Decommissioning the HSM Appliance

During the lifetime of a Luna Network HSM 7, you might have cause to take the HSM out of service, and wish to perform actions to ensure that no trace of your sensitive material remains. Those events might include:

>Placing the unit into storage, perhaps as a spare

>Shipping to another location or business unit in your organization

>Shipping the unit back to Thales for repair/re-manufacture

>Removing the HSM permanently from operational use, for disposal at end-of-life

You also have the option of restoring the HSM appliance to its factory baseline state, erasing all sensitive material and restoring the base appliance software and HSM firmware.

This chapter describes the available options in the following sections:

>Re-Imaging the Appliance to Baseline Software/Firmware Versions

>Decommissioning the Luna Network HSM 7 Appliance

>RMA and Shipping Back to Thales

>End of Service and Disposal

For more information about the effects of these procedures, see Comparing Zeroize, Decommission, Re-image, and Factory Reset.