Luna HSM Client 7.1.0

Luna HSM Client 7.1.0 was released in December 2017.

>Download Luna HSM Client 7.1.0

New Features and Enhancements

Luna HSM Client 7.1.0 includes the following new features and enhancements:

Policy Templates

The HSM or Partition SO can save a copy of their organization's preferred HSM or partition policy settings to a template. They can then use this template to configure policy settings when initializing other HSMs or partitions.

This can save time and effort when deploying multiple HSMs or partitions. It also ensures consistency across your HSMs and partitions, which helps to simplify future audit and compliance requirements.

See Setting HSM Policies Using a Template and Setting Partition Policies Using a Template.

This feature also requires minimum Luna HSM Firmware 7.1.0 and Luna Appliance Software 7.1.0 (for HSM policies).

Supported Operating Systems

You can install the Luna HSM Client 7.1.0 on the following operating systems:

Operating System Version 64-bit applications on 64-bit OS 32-bit applications on 64-bit OS 32-bit applications on 32-bit OS
Windows 10 Yes Yes No
Windows Server 2016 Yes Yes No
2012 R2 Yes Yes No
Redhat-based Linux (including variants like CentOS and Oracle Enterprise Linux) 7 Yes Yes Yes
6 Yes Yes Yes
AIX ** 7.1 Yes No No
Solaris (SPARC/x86) ** 11

Yes No No
Ubuntu * 14.04 Yes No Yes

* The Linux installer for Luna HSM Client software is compiled as .rpm packages. To install on a Debian-based distribution, such as Ubuntu, alien is used to convert the packages. We used build-essential:

apt-get install build-essential alien

If you are using a Docker container or another such microservice to install the Luna Minimal Client on Ubuntu, and your initial client installation was on another supported Linux distribution as listed above, you do not require alien. Refer to the product documentation for instructions. You might need to account for your particular system and any pre-existing dependencies for your other applications.

** Although the AIX and Solaris installers display the options, Luna PCIe HSM 7 and Luna USB HSM 7 are not supported in this release. Select only Luna Network HSM during installation.

Supported Cryptographic APIs

Applications can perform cryptographic operations using the following APIs:

>PKCS#11 2.20

>Java 7/8/9


>Microsoft CAPI

>Microsoft CNG

Advisory Notes

This section highlights important issues you should be aware of before deploying Luna HSM Client 7.1.0.

STC over IPv6 is Unavailable

STC client-partition links are not available over an IPv6 network.