Configuring the Luna Network HSM 7 for Your Network

This chapter describes how to configure your Luna Network HSM 7 appliance so that you can access it over the network. This involves performing the following tasks, in the order specified:

1.Powering Up the Appliance

2.Opening a Serial Connection

3.Logging In to LunaSH

4.Recommended Network Characteristics

5.IPv6 Support and Limitations

6.Configuring IP and Network Parameters

7.Making Your Network Connection

8.[Optional] Setting TLS Ciphers

9.Setting the System Date and Time

a.Setting the Time Zone

b.Correcting Clock Drift Manually

c.NTP on Luna Network HSM 7

10.Generating the Luna Network HSM 7 Server Certificate

11.Binding Your NTLS or SSH Traffic to a Device

12.[Optional] Configuring RADIUS Authentication