Powering Up the Appliance

Instructions on this page assume that the Luna Network HSM 7appliance has been installed, including the following:

>Power connections: We suggest that each of the two power supplies be connected to an independent electrical source, and that at least one of those sources should be protected by UPS (uninterruptible power supply) and generator backup.

>A connection between the HSM appliance's serial terminal port and your administration computer or a terminal. This is a recommended option, so your administrative connection remains active when you assign new IP addresses; later, you would need a local serial link if you ever need to log in to the Recover account. See Making Your Network Connection.

The following instructions require the HSM appliance to be connected and running.

Power On Instructions for the Luna Network HSM 7 Appliance

On the back panel, ensure that the power supplies are connected and working - the green LED on each power supply should glow steadily.

If the appliance does not immediately begin to start up, press and release the START/STOP switch on the front panel.

The HSM appliance begins to power up.

If power was removed while the system was on (either a power failure, or the power cable was disconnected), then the system should restart without a button press. This behavior allows unattended resumption of activity after power interruption.

The front-panel LCD begins showing activity, then settles into the ongoing system status display once the appliance has completed its boot-up and self-test activity. See Front-panel LCD Display.

Power Off

To power-off the HSM appliance locally, press and release the START/STOP switch. Do not hold it in. The HSM appliance then performs an orderly shutdown (that is, it closes the file system and shuts down services in proper order for the next startup). This takes approximately 30 seconds to complete. In the unlikely event that the system freezes and does not respond to a momentary “STOP” switch-press, then press and hold the START/STOP switch for five seconds. This is an override that forces immediate shutoff.

CAUTION!   Never disconnect the power by pulling the power plug. Always use the START/STOP switch.

To switch off the HSM appliance from the LunaSH command line, use lunash:> sysconf appliance poweroff.

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