LunaCM Commands

This chapter describes the commands available in LunaCM. The commands are described in alphabetical order and provide:

>A brief description of the command function

>The command syntax and parameter descriptions

>Usage examples

LunaCM opens with a slot list, showing brief descriptions of the HSM administrative or application partitions that are visible to the library, in the order that they are detected. Those include:

>Luna Network HSM application partitions (if any), network-connected to the host computer via NTLS or STC channels

>Luna PCIe HSMs (if any) installed within the host computer

>Luna Backup HSMs (if any) connected via USB to the host computer

By default, LunaCM shows the lowest-numbered slot first. Local HSMs (Luna PCIe HSM or Luna USB HSM 7) might have an HSM administrative slot (for the HSM SO) or an application partition slot, or both, so LunaCM leaves gaps in the slot numbering to allow for the possible slots on a given HSM.

NOTE   Login state of a slot is preserved until explicitly ended (such as with "logout" or "deactivate" or closing the application). Therefore, login state persists when you switch slots in LunaCM. If you were logged into the partition in slot 1, then set current slot to slot 2, then came back to slot 1, the login state for the partition in slot 1 would still be in force, with no need to reinstate it.

The following table provides links to the top-level commands in the hierarchy. Select a link to display the command syntax or to navigate to the sub-command you need. Some of these commands act on the active-slot partition; some have a -slot option to direct their action to another partition/slot.

Argument(s) Shortcut Description
appid a Manage Application Ids. See appid.
clientconfig ccfg Client configuration. See clientconfig.
file f File commands. See file display.
hagroup ha High Availability Group commands. See hagroup.
partition par Partition commands. See partition.
ped p Remote PED commands. See ped.
remotebackup rb Manage Remote Backup server. See remotebackup start.
role ro Role management commands. See role.
slot s Slot management commands. See slot.
srk r Secure Recovery Commands. These commands are available only when the active slot is set to a Luna Backup HSM. See srk.
stc stc Secure Trusted Channel commands. See stc.
stcconfig stcc Secure Trusted Channel configuration commands. See stcconfig.