Luna Backup HSM 7 Firmware 7.3.2

Luna Backup HSM 7 firmware 7.3.2 was released in July 2019, installed on Thales's new Luna Backup HSM 7.

Advisory Notes

This section highlights important issues you should be aware of before deploying Luna Backup HSM 7 firmware 7.3.2.

CKR_CONTAINER_OBJECT_STORAGE_FULL Error When Backing Up Release 5.x or 6.x Partitions to a Luna Backup HSM 7

When using the Luna Backup HSM 7 to backup objects from partitions hosted on HSMs running older firmware, differences in the size of the metadata associated with the objects may cause the backup partition to become full before all of the objects are backed up, resulting in the following error message before all of the objects have been backed up:


If you receive this message when backing up a user partition, you can use the LunaCM partition resize command to resize the backup partition so that it has enough space to accommodate the remaining objects, then use the partition archive backup command with the -append option to add the skipped objects to the backup.

Remote Backup Over IPv6 is Unavailable

Network connections from the Luna HSM Client to a Remote Backup Server must use IPv4.

NOTE   Network connections from the client to the HSMs you want to back up using RBS can use IPv6. Only the connection from the client to the RBS server requires IPv4.