Manually Recovering a Failed HA Group Member

Thales recommends using auto-recovery for all HA group configurations (see Configuring HA Auto-Recovery). If you do not enable auto-recovery and a member partition fails, or if the recovery retry count expires before the partition comes back online, you must recover the partition manually using LunaCM. You do not need to pause your application(s) to perform a manual recovery; the HA group handles load-balancing and automatically replicates any new or changed keys to the recovered member.

To perform a manual recovery of a failed HA group member

1.[Optional] Ensure that the failed member is available and visible in LunaCM by addressing the problem that caused the failure. Display the HA group to see the failed members. You are prompted for the Crypto Officer password/challenge secret.

lunacm:> hagroup listgroups

         HA Group Label:  myHAgroup
        HA Group Number:  1154438865287
       HA Group Slot ID:  5
       Synchronization: enabled
          Group Members:  154438865287, 1238700701509
             Needs sync:  no
        Standby Members:  <none>

Slot #    Member S/N                      Member Label    Status
======    ==========                      ============    ======
------  154438865287                              par0     alive
------  1238700701509                      ------------      down

2.If you are using a multifactor quorum-authenticated partition with auto-activation disabled, or if the partition was down for longer than two hours, log in to the partition as Crypto Officer and present the black CO PED key.

lunacm:> slot set -slot <slotnum>

lunacm:> role login -name co

3.Execute the manual recovery command, specifying the HA group label.

lunacm:>hagroup recover

If you have an application running on the HA group, the failed members will be recovered the next time an operation is scheduled. Load-balancing and key replication is automatic.

4.If you do not currently have an application running, you can manually synchronize the contents of the HA group.

CAUTION!   Never use manual synchronization if you have an application running. The HA group performs this automatically. Using this command on an HA group that is running an application could create conflicting key versions.

lunacm:> hagroup synchronize -group <label>