hagroup listgroups

List all configured HA groups and all of their members, and show their synchronization status.


hagroup listgroups


lunacm:> hagroup listgroups

        If you would like to see synchronization data for group myHAgroup,
        please enter the password for the group members. Sync info
        not available in HA Only mode.

        Enter the password: ********

              HA auto recovery:  disabled
              HA recovery mode:  activeBasic
   Maximum auto recovery retry:  0
   Auto recovery poll interval:  60 seconds
                    HA logging:  disabled
            Only Show HA Slots:  no

         HA Group Label:  myHAgroup
        HA Group Number:  1154438865288
       HA Group Slot ID:  7
       Synchronization: enabled
          Group Members:  154438865288, 1238700701515, 154438865289, 1238700701516
             Needs sync:  yes
        Standby Members:  1238700701516

Slot #    Member S/N                      Member Label    Status
======    ==========                      ============    ======
     0  154438865288                            sa78-2     alive
     2  1238700701515                            sa40-2     alive
     1  154438865289                            sa78-3     alive
     3  1238700701516                            sa40-3     alive

Command Result : No Error