slot set

Set the current slot number. The current slot is the slot to which you want LunaCM commands to apply.

LunaCM commands work on the current slot. If there is only one slot, then it is always the current slot. If there is more than one slot, then use the slot set command to direct the focus at the desired slot/partition, so that you can use LunaCM commands against whatever HSM admin partition or application partition occupies the indicated slot.

This command is useful where you have more than one Luna module installed in or connected to your computer, or when you have a single HSM where the HSM administrative slot is separate from the application partition slot. In those cases, you can use the slot list command to see which slot numbers have been assigned, and then use slot set to specify which of the available HSM partitions (in their slots) you wish to address with LunaCM commands.


slot set -slot <slot_number>

Argument(s) Shortcut Description
-slot <slot_number> -s The number of the slot that you wish to assign as the current slot for other LunaCM utility commands to work with.


lunacm:> slot set -slot 4

Command Result : No Error