sysconf config backup

Back up the appliance configuration data, and save it to the appliance file system. There is no limit on the size of individual backup files or the number of backups that can be stored on the file system, other than the available space. This space is shared by other files, such as spkg and log files, so account for this when planning your backup and restore strategy.

If desired, you can use the command sysconf config export to save the backup file to the internal HSM, or an external backup token after you create it.

NOTE    This command does not backup the HSM and partition configurations. See hsm backup and partition backup for more information.

Certificates, if any, are added to the backup archive, and are restored to thetrust store upon sysconf config restore.

The backup file includes configuration data for the following modules and services:

CTC Crypto Traffic Control configuration
Network Network configuration
NTLS NTLS configuration
NTP Network Time Protocol configuration
SNMP SNMP configuration
SSH SSH configuration
Syslog Syslog configuration
System System configuration (keys and certificates)
Users User accounts, passwords, and files
Webserver Webserver configuration for REST API

User Privileges

Users with the following privileges can perform this command:



sysconf config backup -description <comment> [-factoryconfig]

Argument(s) Shortcut Description
-description <comment> -d Comment describing this backup. The description must enclosed in double quotes if it contains spaces.
-factoryconfig -f Binary option.


lunash:>sysconf config backup -description "Configuration Backup 17-03-01"

Created configuration backup file: local_host_Config_20170301_1200.tar.gz

Command Result : 0 (Success)