hsm stm recover

Recover the HSM from Secure Transport Mode (STM). If the HSM is in initialized state, you must be logged in as HSM SO to recover from STM; if the HSM is zeroized, no login is required.

When you enter this command, enter the random user string that was generated when the HSM was put into STM. A verification string will be displayed:

>If the verification string generated matches the string that was displayed when the HSM was put into STM (see hsm stm transport), the HSM was not interfered with or tampered while in STM.

>If the verification string generated does not match the verification string generated when you placed the HSM in STM, this might indicate that the HSM has been interfered with or tampered while in STM, or that an incorrect random user string has been entered.

NOTE   The random user string is for verification purposes only. Entering a different string will not prevent you from recovering the HSM from STM.  

If you are confident the HSM has not been tampered with, you can still enter "proceed" to recover from STM. See Secure Transport Mode for more information.

CAUTION!   Use the LunaCM command role deactivate from a connected client, to deactivate each role, by name, for each partition on the HSM, before issuing command hsm stm transport.

Failure to do so can result in mismatch when the generated strings are later compared during Secure Transport Mode recovery.

User Privileges

Users with the following privileges can perform this command:




hsm stm recover -randomuserstring <string>

Argument(s) Shortcut Description
-randomuserstring <string> -r

To confirm that the HSM was not tampered with while in STM, enter the random user string generated when it was placed in STM, in the format XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX.


lunash:>hsm stm recover -randomuserstring 4CEd-4HX7-J/YW-pCX6

        Attempting to recover from Secure Transport Mode...
        Calculating the verification string (may take a few seconds)...

        Verification String: 59bt-3CXF-7/Tt-qKTx

CAUTION: You are attempting to recover the HSM from Secure Transport Mode. If the Verification
         string does not match the one you were provided out-of-band, there may be an issue
         with the HSM. Type 'quit' at the prompt to remain in Secure Transport Mode.

          If the verification strings match, or if you wish to bypass this check,
          type 'proceed' to recover from Secure Transport Mode.

          Type 'proceed' to continue, or 'quit' to quit now.
          > proceed
        Successfully recovered from Secure Transport Mode.

Command Result : 0 (Success)