About the Partition Administration Guide

This document describes the operational and administrative tasks you can perform to maintain the functionality and efficiency of your application partitions. It contains the following chapters:

>Luna HSM Client Software Installation

>Client-Partition Connections

>Compare Behavior of Pre-Firmware 7.7, and V0, and V1 Partitions

>Converting Partitions from V0 to V1 or V1 to V0

>Key Cloning

>Scalable Key Storage

>Per-Key Authorization

>Initializing an Application Partition

>Partition Capabilities and Policies

>Partition Roles

>Verifying the HSM's Authenticity

>Migrating Keys to Your New HSM

>High-Availability Groups

>Partition Backup and Restore

>Slot Numbering and Behavior

The preface includes the following information about this document:


>Document Conventions

>Support Contacts

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