Luna PED Firmware 2.7.4

Luna PED firmware 2.7.4 was released in October 2020 for externally-powered Luna PEDs. This is the minimum PED firmware required for use with Luna HSM Firmware 7.7.0 and newer. See Updating External Supply-Powered Luna PED Firmware for more information.

>Download Luna PED Firmware 2.7.4

>Download PED Update Utility (included in Luna PED Firmware 2.7.1 update)

Advisory Notes

This section highlights important issues you should be aware of before deploying Luna PED firmware 2.7.4.

Luna HSM Firmware 7.7.0 and Newer Requires Updated PED Firmware

Luna HSM Firmware 7.7.0 introduced new security communication protocols for compliance with current eIDAS, Common Criteria, and FIPS standards. You require one of the following minimum PED firmware versions, depending on your Luna PED hardware:

>USB-powered Luna PED: Luna PED Firmware 2.9.0 or newer. You can update firmware 2.8.x directly to version 2.9.0.

>Adapter-powered Luna PED: Luna PED Firmware 2.7.4 or newer. You can update firmware 2.6.x through 2.7.2 directly to version 2.7.4.

These Luna PED firmware versions are backwards-compatible with older Luna HSM firmware, but a Luna HSM with firmware 7.7.0 or newer will refuse connection to a Luna PED with older firmware (LUNA_RET_PED_UNSUPPORTED_PROTOCOL error).

CAUTION!   You must update the firmware for at least one Luna PED before updating the Luna HSM firmware so that you can authenticate roles on the HSM during the update process.