Updating External Supply-Powered Luna PED Firmware

This section describes how to update the firmware on your Luna PED that is powered by a power-block. Refer to Customer Release Notes for valid update paths.

NOTE   If your Luna PED is the newer model that is powered by a USB connection (and is not shipped with a power-block), see Updating USB-Powered Luna PED Firmware.

Files Included in the Upgrade Package

The update package includes the following files. Both files are required to successfully perform the update:

>Firmware update file for the desired version (<PED_firmware_file_name>.bin, where the version is in the range 2.7.x)

>if the package contains LunaPED_Update.exe use that; otherwise, download KB0015846 from the Support Portal for a copy of LunaPED_Update.exe that works with PEDs powered by power block.

Preparing for the Update

Before you can install the new firmware, you must download the update package to the Windows Luna HSM Client workstation you will use to perform the update, and configure the Luna PED to accept the update.

CAUTION!   It is strongly recommended that you protect both your computer and Luna PED with an uninterruptible power supply during the upgrade operation. A power failure while any of the file images are being applied to the PED can result in loss of function that might require RMA.

To prepare your computer for the update

1.Ensure that Luna HSM Client software, including the Remote PED option, is installed on the Windows PC you will use to update the PED. To verify, ensure that the following files/directories are installed:

C:\Program Files\SafeNet\LunaClient\RemotePEDDriver

C:\Program Files\SafeNet\LunaClient\pedserver.exe

2.The update files are provided in an archive file named for the PED upgrade part number. Extract the files to the Windows Luna HSM Client workstation connected to the Luna PED you are updating.

3.On your Luna HSM Client workstation, where the PED is physically connected, stop the pedserver and pedclient services before starting the PED update.

NOTE   If you are updating the PED firmware from version 2.4.x to 2.5.0 or to 2.6.0 on a Windows 10 workstation (recall that the upgrade path is 2.4.0=>2.4.1=>2.5.0=>2.6.0=>2.7.0=>2.7.1=>2.7.4), then use the PEDupdate.exe that is included with the 2.7.x or 2.9.0 PED firmware update and not the firmware update package that was included with the Luna Client 6.2.2 package.

4.On your Luna HSM Client workstation, open a command prompt window and move to the directory where you copied the files in the update package.

To prepare the Luna PED for the firmware update

1.Connect the Luna PED to power (if you have an older PED that is not powered by the USB connection) and connect the USB cable between the Luna PED and your Luna HSM Client workstation.

2.Allow the PED to boot normally until it reaches the default Local PED mode Awaiting command….

3.Press the < key to display the Mode menu.

4.Verify the currently-installed PED firmware version.

CAUTION!   If you are updating an older PED (not powered by the USB connection), this procedure requires starting from version 2.6.0-6 or newer. If your PED displays an earlier version, the update will fail and the PED will require RMA. If you have an older version, update the PED to 2.6.0-6 before continuing with this procedure.

5.Select 4 to display the Admin menu.

6.Select 7 for Software Update.

7.  Select 0 to reset the PED and immediately press and hold the < key while the PED is resetting. Continue to hold the < key until the Select Mode menu is displayed.

8.Select USB Mode (4) when prompted to Select Mode. The PED displays USB Mode.

Updating the Luna PED Firmware

During this procedure, each of the .bin files is individually uploaded from your computer to the Luna PED, and then saved into permanent memory as the new version of that component. Individual responses are required at the PED to accept and load each file.

CAUTION!   Complete the following instructions in the order provided, or the PED could be left in an unusable state.

Once you start transferring / uploading a file to the PED, pay attention and promptly respond to the PED messages to acknowledge the upload and then to confirm installation of that new file. The individual PED operations do impose a timeout. However, you can pause before the next file transfer step, as there is no time restriction from one file upload to the next.

To update the Luna PED firmware

1.In the command prompt window on the Windows Luna HSM Client workstation you prepared to perform the update, execute the following command:

> LunaPED_Update.exe <PED_firmware_file_name>.bin

NOTE   If you have both older Luna PEDs (that are powered by a power block), and the newer Luna PEDs (powered by USB connection and addressed in Updating USB-Powered Luna PED Firmware), then the LunaPED_Update.exe files for each are different and not interchangeable.

2.On the Luna PED, select Yes in response to the prompt: Software update. Upload Image? YES/NO.

Wait approximately six minutes. While transfer is in progress, the command line shows a progress indicator (remaining bytes to transfer), and the PED displays the following message:

USB Mode
Software update
Uploading image

3.The output of the update command in the Windows command prompt should be similar to the following:

LunaPED_Update v2.1.0-1 Nov 25 2013 12:44:48
PED operation is required (to upload image)...
(Sent 3199130 bytes in 327977000 microsecs).
PED operation is required (to save image)...

4.If the image has been sent correctly, the PED displays the following message:

USB Mode
Software update
A power failure during save is unsupported!
Save Image? YES/NO

Select Yes to save the new image.

5.Wait for 20-30 seconds. When the PED displays the following message, press the Enter key on the PED keypad to return to USB mode:

Software update

6.Unplug all cables from the PED and then reconnect to restart the PED. As the PED starts booting, it should display the following messages:

BOOT  V.1.0.6-2,
loading PED…
Local PED Mode   Awaiting command…

7.Press < to exit to the Select Mode menu. If the update was successful, the new PED version is displayed at the bottom of the PED screen.

8.Your Luna PED is now updated and ready to use. Repeat the procedure for each Luna PEDLuna PED that you own.


This section provides guidance for resolving problems you may encounter when updating the PED firmware.

If your update attempt fails with a Receive error (rx error), check if you have Remote PED services running on the computer to which the PED is connected. Issue the command PedServer –m stop and restart the update to resolve the problem.

No Luna PED Prompts

You must attend to the PED when image files are being applied. If no prompts appear on the PED shortly after you issue the LunaPED_Update.exe command, re-check your connections, as follows:

>The PED power block must be connected to AC power and to the power socket on the PED.

>A USB connection must exist between a USB port on the sending computer and the USB-mini port on the PED (immediately beside the power socket).

>The PED must be powered on, and in USB mode.

Files Uploaded in the Wrong Order

If you attempt to upload the files in the wrong order, the PED performs some verification at the end of a file upload. If the PED displays a message similar to the following, it is a good indication that you uploaded the wrong file first:

Failure (VERIFY) (7)
Press Enter

You are not given an opportunity to attempt to install/confirm the file if the upload does not verify.

To resolve the issue, restart the process from the beginning of these instructions, ensuring that you follow the sequence in these instructions, taking the upgrade files in the order specified. If that does not correct the problem, contact Technical Support.

Upgrade Failed Message (or Similar)

If the Luna PED displays an Upgrade Failed message, or any message that does not say Upgrade in Progress followed by Upgrade Complete, before the Admin menu appears, stop the upgrade process immediately.

To resolve the issue, you can take the following actions:

>Reboot the PED by disconnecting and then re-connecting the PED cables. This might clear the problem. If the problem clears, the PED displays a Nothing to Upgrade message. In this case, try the update again.

>If the PED shows Upgrade in Progress followed by Upgrade Failed! every time you reboot it, contact Customer Support.

>You can re-upload the file and try again if the upload action failed to complete, or if you failed to acknowledge it on the PED.