This is a proprietary Luna mechanism, added to Luna HSM Firmware 7.8.1 and newer. This mechanism is used with the C_WrapKey command. The maximum allowed data size for this mechanism is 8000 bytes. See Luna Key Translation for description and usage details.

Firmware 7.8.1 and Newer Summary

FIPS approved? Yes
Supported functions Wrap
Functions restricted from FIPS use None
Minimum key length (bits) 112
Minimum key length for FIPS use (bits) 112
Minimum legacy key length for FIPS use (bits) N/A
Maximum key length (bits) 4096
Block size 0
Digest size 0
Key types Symmetric
Algorithms None
Modes None
Flags None

NOTE   This mechanism cannot be used with the CA_DeriveKeyAndWrap command.