Testing Trap Events on Luna Network HSM 7

In all likelihood, your Luna Network HSM 7 appliance is in a rack in a secure room somewhere relatively far away from where you sit. If locally available, you can generate traps by disconnecting power to one of the two supplies. Short of this action, you have no way to initiate the events that result in traps. That leaves you with little to develop and test a monitoring facility for SNMP traps.

To test that you have configured everything successfully to generate and receive trap notifications, Thales added a LunaSH command for this purpose:

lunash:>sysconf snmp trap test

The command takes several parameters (see sysconf snmp trap test for details).

NOTE   This command writes a test message to the applicable system log file. The command neither checks nor reports the status of lsta. If lsta is not running, the appliance does not generate a trap. Before running lunash:>sysconf snmp trap test, ensure that you have started lsta using lunash:>sysconf snmp trap enable.