Appliance MIB Overview

The SAFENET-APPLIANCE-MIB.txt file defines the management information base for Luna Network HSM 7 appliance traps. Here is a segment of the MIB:

ssTrapsOBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { appliance 2 }
ssLogReference OBJECT-TYPE
    SYNTAX     DisplayString (SIZE (0..256))
    MAX-ACCESS  read-only
    STATUS      current
        "This object indicates the log record pertaining to the sub-system trap."
    ::= { ssTraps 1 }
fanAttentionNotify NOTIFICATION-TYPE
     OBJECTS { ssLogReference  }
     STATUS current
     DESCRIPTION "Notify that a fan needs attention."
     ::= { ssTraps 2}

fanAttentionNotify is the notification type for a fan-related event. Corresponding <subsystem>AttentionNotify notification types define the other sub-systems for which a Luna Network HSM 7 appliance reports significant events.

The relevant information reported by a notification is the ssLogReference object. Specifically, this object provides: the hostname and IP address of the appliance; the log file that contains the event; the date and time of the event; the process that reported the event in the log; and a boolean value that indicates whether the event is an assert (1) or de-assert condition. With these data, an administrator can login to the Luna Network HSM 7 appliance and query the appropriate log file for the details of the trap event.