SNMP Monitoring

This chapter describes Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP v3) support for remote monitoring of conditions on a local HSM that might require administrative attention. It contains the following sections:

>Installing the Luna SNMP Subagent

>The SafeNet Chrysalis-UTSP MIB

>The Luna HSM MIB

>The SafeNet Appliance MIB

>SNMP Operation and Limitations with Luna Network HSM 7

>Frequently Asked Questions


Thales Group provides the following MIBs (management information base) in the Luna HSM Client installation package:

MIB Name Description
CHRYSALIS-UTSP-MIB.txt Defines SNMP access to information about the Luna HSM operations.
SAFENET-HSM-MIB.txt Defines SNMP access to information about the Luna HSM.
SAFENET-GLOBAL-MIB.txt This MIB defines the structure of the object identifier tree for the other MIBs. Must be found in your system path so that symbols can be resolved.
SAFENET-APPLIANCE-MIB.txt Provides the appliance software version and the notifications for selected SNMP traps.

Copy all MIBs in <Luna_HSM_Client_install_dir>/snmp to the MIB directory on your system. Only the MIBs necessary for Luna PCIe HSM 7 and Luna USB HSM 7 are included in a client installation.

For Luna Network HSM, the host is the appliance, so all the above MIBs are installed on the appliance. See SNMP Traps in the Syslog and SNMP Monitoring Guide for information on configuring SNMP trap notifications.

NOTE   Your SNMP application also requires the following standard SNMP MIBs:

>SNMPv2-SMI.txt -- defined in RFC 2578, Section 2

>SNMPv2-TC.txt -- defined in RFC 2579, Section 2