sysconf snmp trap set

Set SNMP trap host information. You can set multiple trap hosts by issuing this command for each host you wish to configure.

NOTE   After running this command, you must restart the lsta service with the command service restart lsta for the configuration change to take effect.

User Privileges

Users with the following privileges can perform this command:




sysconf snmp trap set -host <hostname/IP> -secname <secname> -engineid <engineID> -authprotocol <protocol> -authpwd <password> -privprotocol <protocol> -privpwd <password>] [-traptype <type>]

Argument(s) Shortcut Description
-authprotocol <protocol> -authpr

Specifies the SNMP v3 Authentication Protocol

Valid values: SHA

Default: SHA

-authpwd <password> -authpw Specifies the SNMP v3 Authentication password.
-engineid <engineID> -e Specifies the SNMP v3 Engine ID. The -engineid parameter is user-defined; set any hex number, omitting the 0x or 0X. Luna Network HSM 7 does not support dynamic discovery of the EngineID, once configured; ensure that you save or remember this value.
-host <hostname/IP> -h

Specifies the trap host name or IP address.

-privprotocol <protocol> -privpr

Specifies the SNMP v3 Privacy protocol.

Valid values: AES

Default: AES

-privpwd <password> -privpw Specifies the SNMP v3 Privacy Password.
-secname <secname> -s Specifies the SNMP v3 security name.
-traptype <type> -t

Specify trap to record all sending attempts as successful. By default (inform), the appliance waits for a response from the target server before recording that the trap was sent successfully.

NOTE   This feature requires Luna Appliance Software 7.7.0 or newer.

Valid Values: trap,inform

Default: inform


lunash:>sysconf snmp trap set -host mysnmphost -secname admin -engineid 800007c70300e05290ab60 -authprotocol SHA -authpwd p4$$w0rd -privprotocol AES -privpwd pr1vat3Pwd

Please use 'service restart lsta' for the new configuration to take effect.

Command Result : 0 (Success)