sysconf forceSOLogin enable

Enable SO login enforcement. You must be logged in as the HSM Security Officer to execute this command.

SO login enforcement is reset to disabled if the HSM is factory reset using the hsm factoryreset or sysconf config factoryreset commands. The SO login enforcement setting persists backup and restore operations.

The HSM must be initialized before you can execute this command. See hsm init for more information.

User Privileges

Users with the following privileges can perform this command:


Affected Commands

When SO login enforcement is enabled, the following commands can be executed by the HSM SO only:

Client commands

>client assignPartition

>client delete

>client hostip map

>client hostip unmap

>client register

>client revokePartition

NTLS commands

>ntls bind

>ntls certificate monitor disable

>ntls certificate monitor enable

>ntls certificate monitor trap trigger

>ntls information reset

>ntls ipcheck disable

>ntls ipcheck enable

>ntls tcp_keepalive set

>ntls threads set

>ntls timer set

Sysconf commands

>sysconf regenCert


sysconf forceSOLogin enable


lunash:>sysconf forceSOLogin enable

Command Result : 0 (Success)