sysconf ctc enable

Enables the Crypto Traffic Controller.

NOTE   If the CTC service is started with sysconf ctc enable command, then it is on until explicitly disabled, and it resumes, without intervention, after appliance restart/reboot.

If CTC is started with service start command instead, and CTC enable is not in effect, then it must be manually restarted following any system restart/reboot.

User Privileges

Users with the following privileges can perform this command:




sysconf ctc enable


lunash:>sysconf ctc enable

ctc@eth0 is enabled
Stopping ctc@eth0:                                         [  OK  ]

Starting ctc@eth0:                                         [  OK  ]
ctc@eth0 is running
ctc@eth1 is enabled
Stopping ctc@eth1:                                         [  OK  ]

Starting ctc@eth1:                                         [  OK  ]
ctc@eth1 is running

Command Result : 0 (Success)