sysconf ctc class define

Creates a class under the Crypto Traffic Controller.

When the appliance is not fully loaded, the definition of a class directs the underlying system, at any point during operation, to guarantee -min amount of interface bandwidth for the current client, but at no time should that exceed -max amount of bandwidth.
If the appliance is considerably loaded with traffic, the system might borrow any unused bandwidth from another class, to serve the client that needs it, in order to sustain quality of service (QoS) for that client.

NOTE   You can define as many classes as you like, with whatever -min setting, until the total of all -min values assigned to one interface reaches the capacity of the interface, after which any further attempts to define a class against that interface are refused, with an error.

If you want to make a change to an existing class, just reissue the sysconf ctc class define command with the revised parameter(s). This edits/overwrites the existing class.

NOTE   Changes made to CTC configuration come into effect the next time CTC service is restarted. This gives you control over when changes become effective.

TIP   Because CTC works on egress traffic only, be aware of the effects on outgoing interface selection when the choice is affected by Impact of route metric on CTC and Impact of default route on CTC.

User Privileges

Users with the following privileges can perform this command:




sysconf ctc class define -class <class_name> -interface <eth0> | <eth1> | <eth2> | <eth3> | <bond0> | <bond1> -minimum <minimum_bandwidth> [-maximum <maximum_bandwidth>]

Argument(s) Shortcut Description
-class <class_name> -c Class name. • The name “default” is a reserved class name and is not permitted.
-interface <net_device> -i A network interface devicename on the Luna Network HSM 7 (eth0, eth1, eth2, eth3, bond0, or bond1).
-minimum <min_bandwidth> -min Minimum bandwidth in Kilobits.
-maximum <max_bandwidth> -max [Optional] Maximum bandwidth in Kilobits. If a "max" value is not provided, the value provided for “min” is used to set the maximum bandwidth.


lunash:>sysconf ctc class define -c class1 -i eth0 -min 100 -max 200

Command Result : 0 (Success)