sysconf appliance reboot

Performs a warm restart (reboot) of the Luna Network HSM 7 appliance, shutting down all running processes in a controlled manner.

Appliance reboot and power-off automatically take a snapshot of the system's known state and saves it to the supportinfo.txt file, so that you can send it to Technical Support for further investigation. This is useful if the system is not behaving and needs reboot or power-off. See hsm supportInfo for more information.

To deal with the possibility that a controlled shutdown might not be possible, see sysconf appliance rebootOnPanic enable.

NOTE   If you encounter messages like "Unrecoverable Error: Cannot get child exit status" (or similar) during shutdown / reboot, this is a result of some services not knowing that other services have already shut down. Ignore the message. See also System Operational and Error Messages.

NOTE   If you restart/reboot the Luna Network HSM 7 appliance, while using CTC measurement, then existing measurement records are lost. If you have an intentional restart coming up, consider running sysconf ctc measurement show first, to capture bandwidth usage information that is about to be deleted.

User Privileges

Users with the following privileges can perform this command:




sysconf appliance reboot [-force]

Argument(s) Shortcut Description
-force -f Force the action without prompting.


lunash:>sysconf appliance reboot

WARNING !!  This command will reboot the appliance.
            All clients will be disconnected.
If you are sure that you wish to proceed, then type 'proceed', otherwise type 'quit'

> proceed
'hsm supportInfo' successful.

Use 'scp' from a client machine to get file named:

Broadcast message from root@local_host (Wed Mar  1 11:24:08 2017):

The system is going down for reboot NOW!
Reboot commencing