partition list

Display a list of the accessible partitions on the HSM, including the number of objects on the partition, the partition size, and the used and free space.

NOTE   The HSM firmware needs approximately 2K bytes of memory to manage each partition and data objects in it. To avoid having to calculate the exact memory space available for data storage -- deducting the memory used by internal data structures -- the partition list command adjusts the memory size attributes for you. Thus, the total available memory reported by partition list will be different than that reported by token backup show and token backup partition list.

User Privileges

Users with the following privileges can perform this command:





partition list


lunash:>partition list

                                                      Storage (bytes)
 Partition            Name                   Objects   Total    Used    Free
 154438865289         partition1                   6  150000    1232  148768
 154438865290         partition2                   0  325873       0  325873
 154438865291         partition3                   0  325891       0  325891
 154438865292         partition4                   0  325909       0  325909
 154438865293         partition5                   0  325928       0  325928

Command Result : 0 (Success)