partition changePolicy

Change policies on the partition. This command toggles or alters a policy of the specified partition. Only certain portions of the policy set are HSM Admin-modifiable. These policies and their current values can be determined using the partition showpolicies command. After a successful policy change, the command displays the new policy value.

NOTE   This command requires Luna Appliance Software 7.8.1 or newer. It cannot be used on STC partitions; the Partition SO must use LunaCM at the client for partition management.

This command must be executed by the appliance admin, logged in as Partition SO.

This command can set a policy on or off, or set it to a certain value if it is a numerical policy. Policies can be set only to more restrictive values than the associated capability. You cannot relax a policy to a less-restrictive setting than the associated capability value. Refer to Partition Capabilities and Policies, for a list of all partition capabilities/policies and their meanings.

User Privileges

Users with the following privileges can perform this command:




partition changePolicy -partition <name> -policy <policy#> -value <value> -psopin <PSO_password> [-force]

Argument(s) Shortcut Description
-partition <name> -pa Specifies the name of the partition on which to alter policies. Partition names are obtained with the partition list command.
-policy <policy#> -po Specifies the policy code of the policy to alter. Policy descriptions and codes are obtained with the partition showpolicies command.
-psopin <PSO_password> -ps Specifies the Partition Security Officer password for the partition. If this option is not included, LunaSH will prompt you to enter the PO password.
-value <value> -v Specifies the value that should be assigned to the specified policy. When specifying values for an on/off type policy, use '1' for on and '0' for off.
-force -f Force the option. Useful for scripting.


lunash:>partition changePolicy -partition myPartition -policy 22 -value 1

Luna PED operation required to login as Partition Security Officer - use Partition Security Officer (blue) PED key.

'partition changePolicy' successful.

Policy "Allow activation" is now set to: On

Command Result : 0 (Success)