hsm fm smfs activate

Activate the Secure Memory File System. You must be logged in as HSM SO to use this command. This command activates the SMFS only – it does not activate new Functionality Modules. The HSM firmware must be reset after loading a new FM.

NOTE   HSM Policy 51: Allow SMFS Auto Activation

With this policy enabled, the Secure Memory File System (SMFS) is automatically activated on startup, providing a secure, tamper-enabled location in the HSM memory where Functionality Modules can load keys and parameters. Auto-activation for SMFS, like auto-activation for multifactor quorum-authenticated partitions in general, persists through a power outage of up to 2 hours duration.

Thales recommends setting HSM policy 51 to 1 (ON) to avoid having to manually re-activate the SMFS if you need to reboot the HSM. Changing this policy (OFF-to-ON or ON-to-OFF) will destroy all existing application partitions.

This feature requires minimum Luna Appliance Software 7.4.0, Luna HSM Firmware 7.4.0, and Luna HSM Client 7.4.0. Your Luna Network HSM 7 hardware must be FM-Ready (see Preparing the Luna Network HSM 7 to Use FMs).

User Privileges

Users with the following privileges can perform this command:



hsm fm smfs activate


[myLuna] lunash:>hsm fm smfs activate

Activating SMFS on device 0

SMFS successfully activated.

Command Result : 0 (Success)