cluster enable

Enables and starts the cluster service. When enabled, the service will restart automatically if it is interrupted.

NOTE   Thales requires minimum Luna Appliance Software 7.8.5 with the lnh_cluster-1.0.4 package, Luna HSM Firmware 7.8.4, and Luna HSM Client 10.7.2 to use clusters in production environments.

REST API: PATCH /api/lunasa/services/{serviceid}

User Privileges

Users with the following privileges can perform this command:



REST API Equivalent

To perform this operation with the Luna REST API, use the following endpoint(s):


cluster enable [-force]

Argument(s) Shortcut Description
-force -f Enable the cluster service without asking for confirmation.


lunash:>cluster enable

WARNING: This operation will enable Cluster Service!!!

Type 'proceed' to continue, or 'quit' to quit now.

> proceed

Command Result : 0 (Success)