cluster config

Configure the cluster network settings. This allows you to direct the cluster network traffic (admin or crypto) through one or another of the appliance's interfaces. The IP specified for the core service must be the same IP address as one of the appliance's network interfaces.

NOTE   Thales requires minimum Luna Appliance Software 7.8.5 with the lnh_cluster-1.0.4 package, Luna HSM Firmware 7.8.4, and Luna HSM Client 10.7.2 to use clusters in production environments.

REST API: PUT /api/cluster/config

User Privileges

Users with the following privileges can perform this command:




cluster config -service <service> [-ipaddress <ipaddress>] [-interface <netdevice>] [-port <port>]

Argument(s) Shortcut Description
-interface <netdevice> -in

Specifies the network device to bind traffic to.

Valid values: eth0, eth1, eth2, eth3, bond0, bond1, all

-ipaddress <ipaddress> -ip Specifies the IP address to use for the core service.
-port <port> -p

Specifies the port to use for this type of traffic.

Valid values:

>admin service (default: 50070): 50075-50079

>crypto service (default: 50052): 50055-50059

CAUTION!   In this release, changing the default port used for crypto operations on the cluster (50052) can cause communication problems between cluster members. Refer to known issue LUNA-26485.

-service <service> -s

Specifies the service configure settings for.

Valid values: core, admin, crypto


lunash:>cluster config -service core -ipaddress

Command Result : 0 (Success)