hsm changehsmpolicy

Change HSM-level policies. This command changes the specified HSM Policy from the current value to the new, specified value, if the corresponding HSM capability setting permits the change.

NOTE   The hsm commands appear only when LunaCM's active slot is set to the administrative partition on a Luna PCIe HSM 7 or Luna USB HSM 7 or Luna Backup HSM. To access the HSM-level commands on Luna Network HSM 7, use LunaSH (see hsm).


hsm changehsmpolicy -policy <number> -value <value> [-force]

Argument(s) Shortcut Description
-force -f Force the change without further prompting.
-policy <number> -p The number identifying the HSM policy that you want to change. Use the hsm show command to find the number of the policy you want to change.
-value <value> -v The new setting to be applied to the indicated HSM policy. Use the hsm show command to find the current setting of the policy you want to change.


lunacm:>hsm changehsmpolicy -policy 12 -value 0

        You are about to change a destructive HSM policy.
        All partitions of the HSM will be destroyed.

        Are you sure you wish to continue?

        Type 'proceed' to continue, or 'quit' to quit now ->proceed

Command Result : No Error