Deleting an FM From the HSM Firmware

This procedure allows the HSM SO to delete a specified FM from the HSM firmware using LunaSH.

NOTE   If you are replacing the currently-loaded FM with an updated version, you do not need to delete the old version. If the new version has the same FM ID, it will replace the original version in the HSM firmware (see Loading an FM Into the HSM Firmware).

In addition to the procedure below, other actions can cause FMs to be deleted from the HSM and the SMFS to be erased. See Effects of Administrative Actions on Functionality Modules.


>You require the FM ID of the FM you wish to delete.

To delete an FM from the HSM firmware

1.[Optional] List the FMs currently loaded on the HSM to obtain the desired FM ID.

lunash:> hsm fm status

2.Log in as HSM SO.

lunash:> hsm login

3.Delete the FM by specifying its FM ID.

lunash:> hsm fm delete -id <FM_ID>

4.[Optional] Check the FM status again. The deleted FM's status is listed as "Zombie". At this point the FM is disabled, and its data will be fully deleted the next time you restart the HSM.

lunash:> hsm fm status

Getting status of the FM on all available devices

Current Functionality Module Configuration for device 0:
Serial # : 66331
Model    : Luna K7
SMFS     : Activated

FM Label      : skeleton
FM ID         : a000
Version       : 1.01
Manufacturer  : Safenet Inc.
Build Time    : Wed Dec  5 14:44:47 2018 - EST
Fingerprint   : 78 7C E3 C2 01 54 B3 99 08 59
ROM size      : 7302
Status        : Zombie (reboot HSM to cleanup)
Startup Status: OK

Command Result : 0 (Success)

5.Restart the HSM. It is not necessary to reboot the appliance.

lunash:> hsm restart