vtl addServer

Adds the specified server to the client's list of trusted servers. You may wish to check the fingerprint of the server certificate with the vtl fingerprint command before adding it. The server certificate is one that you have imported from the Luna Network HSM 7 appliance to your Client computer, using pscp or scp.

You must be Administrator on your Client computer, or logged in as a user with Administrator privileges.


vtl addServer -n <IP/hostname> -c <cert_filename>

Argument(s) Description
-n <IP/hostname> The hostname or IP address of the server to add. Use the IP address if the server's certificate uses its IP address instead of its hostname. If you are uncertain what format the server's certificate uses, contact your Luna Network HSM 7 appliance administrator, or look for the “CN=” field when using the vtl examineCert command.
-c <cert_filename> The name (including the path to its location on your computer) of the server's certificate file. Use the pscp or scp utility to collect the server's certificate from the appliance, or use the certificate provided by your Luna Network HSM 7 appliance administrator. You may wish to confirm the authenticity of the certificate by using vtl fingerprint.


$ ./vtl add -n -c server161.pem
New server successfully added to server list..