Luna HSM Client 7.4.2 Patch

The Luna HSM Client 7.4.2 patch was released in July 2020 to enable use of the new mechanisms included in Luna HSM Firmware 7.4.2. Thales recommends upgrading to Luna HSM Client 10.2.0 or newer.

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New Features and Enhancements

The Luna HSM Client 7.4.2 patch includes the following new features and enhancements:

3GPP Cryptography for 5G Mobile Networks

The new 3GPP crypto functions support the authentication and re-synchronization of a mobile device to the back-end authentication center (AUC). Milenage, Tuak and Comp128 algorithms are available and are relevant to 2/2.5G, 3G, 4G(LTE) and newer 5G mobile networks. The primary benefit of using the Luna HSM ensures that the subscribers key (Ki) is never exposed in the clear outside the security perimeter of a hardware security device. Optionally the Operators Variant string (OP) may also be encrypted under a storage key only found inside the HSM. See 3GPP Mechanisms for 5G Mobile Networks.

SM2/SM4 Support

SM2 is comparable to Elliptic Curve (EC) in terms of key structure though the signing algorithm is different. SM2 is required for sign/verify. There is a new key type CKK_SM2. SM4 is comparable to Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-128) in terms of key size though the encryption algorithm is different. SM4 is required for encrypt/decrypt (modes ECB, CBC, CBC-PAD). There is a new key type CKK_SM4. See SM2/SM4 Mechanisms.

SHA-3 Function Support

This provides a guide to using the SHA-3 crypto functions in the Luna HSM. The SHA-3 implementation conforms to the NIST publication FIPS PUB 202. The SHA-3 hash algorithm has been implemented in the K7 FW. This provides the ability to send message data to the Luna HSM in order to receive the SHA-3 digest of the data. The algorithm is implemented for digest bit lengths of 224, 256, 384 and 512 similar to the SHA-2 family of hash algorithms. Other mechanisms that make use of a digest include support for SHA-3 by either specifying the mechanism type or specifying mechanism parameters. See SHA-3 Mechanisms.

Valid Update Path

This patch must be installed on a client with Luna HSM Client 7.4.0 or 7.4.1 already installed.