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Tenant Account Deletion Policy


Tenant Account Deletion Policy

Tenant Account Deletion Policy

DPoD tenant accounts are deleted under the following conditions;

  • Based on request
  • Automatically after a period of inactivity
  • Violation of the Terms of Service

The customer is still responsible for paying any agreed or committed amounts for the remainder of the agreed period as requested in their contract acceptance. Please check the exact terms with your service provider or the marketplace where you purchased the service.

Account Closure Request

At any time the tenant admin can request the deletion of their account in writing by raising a support ticket with Thales and supplying the tenant id and or tenant URL. Account information may be retained by Thales as described in our Privacy Policy. Before closing a service provider type account, ensure that all child accounts are deleted or re-parented to another service provider. A service provider account cannot be closed with child accounts that are still live and may therefore be subject to further usage charges.

Closure of Inactive Accounts

From time to time, Thales may choose to delete non-production accounts after a period of inactivity.

Termination due to Terms of Service Infringement

In the unlikely event that service access is terminated due to a significant infringement of the DPoD terms of service, a tenant account will be suspended and preventative activity may be taken to protect other customers. At such time the account and data may be stored for an indefinite time for the purpose of legal action or defense. Once data is no longer required for this purpose the data will be removed and accounts terminated in line with the standard process.

Account Deletion Timeline

Once the account closure request is validated, access to all services is stopped and tenant admin users are notified. After a 90 day cooling off period, any content remaining in the tenant (groups, users, services) will be permanently deleted. Services that aren't already terminated will be terminated. Usage details may be retained as long as necessary for billing and administration purposes.