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Account Transition Guide


Account Transition Guide

Account Transition Guide

Thales Data Protection on Demand (DPoD) subscribers are sometimes required to transition their accounts from one provider to another. This could occur when a subscriber tenant account wishes to change Service Provider at the end of a contract or when a Service Provider/Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) wishes to move their contract from one distributor to another. In either case, Thales Data Protection on Demand provides a simple way to enable account transitions, aiming to minimize the effects of such transitions on Service Providers, Subscribers and their end-users.

The process is incredibly simple and at the same time we have ensured that we maintain integrity of the service and data as well as minimizing any disruption:

Data and Security

During a transition process we make sure the data is secure and at no point in the process does data leave DPoD’s secure data centers. The transition process utilizes a database configuration tool and the data is encrypted throughout the transition process.

The only information that is revealed is the information on the transition request, which is only accessible to Thales, the new Service Provider and the transitioning subscriber tenant.

Users and Enrollment

The transition process is totally transparent to users. They will see no change between the “before” and “after" and there is absolutely nothing they are required to do other than continue to log-in as they currently do. As for Tenant Administrators, they too are not affected and there is no re-enrollment process.

Customization, Policies and Settings

The transition will not affect any of the specific policies, customizations or account specific details that were set up prior to the transition process. In addition, no changes are applied to the configuration settings of any connected Data Protection on Demand clients. The account (and sub accounts) will remain at exactly the same level with the same level of permissions.

The process is managed by the Service Provider to whom the account will be transitioned, with simple steps taken to make the transition as painless as possible:

  • Service Provider completes Transition Request Form and passes to Subscriber for approval
  • Service Provider checks form and sends to Thales
  • Thales processes form and confirms transition date to all parties
  • Thales sends reminder to all parties 1 week prior to transition date
  • Thales sends confirmation of completion
  • Subscriber sends acceptance of account transition
  • Service Provider is now able to provide service

Naturally, we expect there to be some questions regarding this process. We hope we have answered them within the rest of this document. If not, then please feel free to ask your Thales account manager for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Account Transition Program?
A: The program is a simple way for Thales to enable an account to move from one Service Provider to another. This could be required because a subscriber tenant account wishes to change Service Provider at the end of a contract or because a Service Provider/MSSP wishes to move their contract from one distributor to another.

Q: How do I request for my Account to be transitioned from one Service Provider to another?
A: There is a request form attached at the end of the document, it is easy to complete and will start the process for your transition. Please contact your account manager if you need any assistance.

Q: Is a charge payable for a Transition?
A: As account transitions are a rare occurrence, most transitions will be performed free of charge. In exceptional circumstances (for example excessive use of the process) a small charge of one day’s professional service rate may be charged.

Q: How do I place my request?
A: Please complete the below form, completing all sections. Once complete the Thales Sales team will submit the request to DL_DPODAccounts where it will be validated, processed and a transition date will be arranged.

Q: Is the process secure – will any important information be revealed?
A: The only information that is revealed to anyone is the information included on the Transition Request Form. That form will only be seen by Thales, the new Service Provider and you, as the transitioning account.

Q: Will the data ever leave the Service, (temporarily or permanently), and if so how is it protected?
A: No information leaves the service or DPoD’s secure data centers. The transition is performed by the Thales DPoD operations team and is effected using a special configuration tool. All data remains encrypted during the process.

Q: Will any of my allocated inventories be affected?
A: Absolutely not – all Thales does during the process is move your whole account from one place to the next. Nothing is added, removed or changed.

Q: Will any users in my account or sub-accounts have to re-enroll?
A: Your users will see no change from the current solution. There is absolutely no change in process and no need for them to do anything, other than continue using Data Protection on Demand as they currently do.

Q: Will any of my Administrators have to re-enroll?
A: There are no changes to any of the Administrator or User settings and there is no need for any of these management resources to re-enroll or update their configurations – everything will be exactly the same as it was prior to the migration.

Q: Will my costs change when I move Provider?
A: As the Provider of the service through its channel partners, Thales is not involved in the commercial relationship between a transitioning organization and its Service Providers. All commercial terms need to be agreed by you, as the transitioning company, and your new Service Provider prior to submitting the Transition Request Form.

Q: Will my Billing dates change?
A: As the provider of the service through its channel partners, Thales is not involved in the commercial relationship between a transitioning organization and its Service Providers. Billing periods will be calculated to the end of the month, transition will occur after that billing.

Q: Will I have to change my customization, such as policies or branding?
A: None of the policies, customizations or account specific details that you have already set up will be changed during the transition. There will be no need for you to make any changes.

Q: How long will the transition take?
A: From you submitting the form through to actually being transitioned will generally take 2 weeks – much of this is planning and preparation. The transition itself will take just a few minutes and will generally happen overnight so that it is least disruptive to users.

Q: Will we experience loss of service?
A: There should be no disruption in your ability to consume Data Protection on Demand services during the transition, however we recommend that you communicate a maintenance window to your users.

Q: Can any Service Provider be used for my transition?
A: To ensure all customers receive the best possible levels of support and responsiveness we only permit customers to transition across to a fully certified and trained partner. Details of the MSSP training program are available from any Thales account manager.

Q: As a distributor/reseller, do I get discount on my transaction?
A: No. There is no discount associated with this program.

Q: As a Distributor/reseller, I currently do not provide customers support, can I take part in the process?
A: Unfortunately, only partners who meet the Data Protection on Demand support requirements, as per Cipher program and DPoD requirement can take part in the Account Transition Program as a destination for transitioning customers. We are unable to move customers to your organization until you are in a position to fulfil these requirements.

Key Terms and Conditions of Transition Program

Key Terms

  • Transitioning Account – the account (and any sub-accounts) being moved
  • Current Provider – the current host of the transitioning account
  • Service Provider – the destination to where the account will be transitioned, the eventual new provider
  • Certified Provider – a Service Provider who has been certified by Thales as having undergone the correct levels of service and operational training in order to deliver acceptable levels of customer service


  1. If an account requests to be transitioned from one service provider to another, it is Thales policy to facilitate such a move.

  2. Under such circumstances, Thales will require at least 30 calendar days of notice in order to facilitate proper account “cleanup” and data transition.

  3. Transitions will only be supported once a contract reaches its contract end date

  4. Transitioning Account will work with the Current Provider during the notice period to provide reports and information to facilitate the move to the new Service Provider.

  5. After the account has transitioned to the new service provider, Thales will be unable to provide information to the Current Provider regarding the account and it’s users, except data relating to the period of time the customer was managed by the Current Provider.

  6. Thales will only approve requests when the new Service Provider is a Certified Provider– thus assuring quality of service delivery and support.

  7. Thales is unable to provide information to the new Service Provider of either the Transitioning Account or the Current Provider account.

  8. The new Service Provider is responsible for acquiring all information and providing all services required to assure a smooth and satisfactory transition.

  9. Thales will not enter into discussions with a Current Provider or be party to any commercial discussions other than agreeing the Transition Charge.

  10. Thales accepts no liability for any commitments made by any party as part of any transition.

  11. The Transitioning Account is responsible for gaining approvals from all other parties.

  12. A Transition Charge where required will be payable to Thales by the new Service Provider to cover administration and support costs as part of the transition.

  13. A Transition is only possible at the end of a customer election period.

  14. Transitions may only take place the last / first day of the month.

Transition Request Form

Download and complete the Transition Request Form to begin the account transition process.