Customer Release Notes

The customer release notes (CRN) provide important release-specific information. Read the CRN to fully understand the capabilities, limitations, and known issues for each release. The CRN is organized by release component as indicated below.

NOTE   Information from all previously-distributed PDF versions of the CRN has been consolidated here

HSM Client Releases

The HSM Client software is installed on any computer that runs applications that use Luna HSM(s). It includes utilities for accessing and configuring HSM partitions, and for performing cryptographic operations. The client includes the Luna Software Development Kit for developing your applications, and the Luna FM Development Kit for developing Functionality Modules. Since the release of HSM Client 10.2.0 (Luna Universal Client), all versions of the client software allow you to manage and access Luna Cloud HSM services alongside your on-premises Luna HSMs. See Updating the HSM Client Software and HSM Client Software Installation for installation instructions, and refer to the OS compatibility for your desired client version below:

>HSM Client 10.7.1

>HSM Client 10.6.0

>HSM Client 10.5.1

>HSM Client 10.5.0

>HSM Client 10.4.1

>HSM Client 10.4.0

>HSM Client 10.3.0

>HSM Client 10.2.0

This section also provides information about HSM Client known and resolved issues:

>Known and Resolved Issues

HSM Client Software Patches

Thales has also released the following patch updates for general availability:

>CMU Patch to Allow Crypto User Login