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Syslog Reference


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Syslog Reference

This guide provides information about the error messages gathered on the Syslog server. The guide describes errors that occur when performing different operations with their possible causes and remediation.

Viewing the Errors

To view these error messages in the CipherTrust Manager UI:

  1. Log on to the CipherTrust Manager GUI.

  2. Open the Keys & Access Management application.

  3. Navigate to Records > Server Records.

  4. Click the Search button. A popup message is displayed.

  5. Set the Status to Failure and click Search.

The page displays error messages, with information related to the error creation date and time, Severity, Action, Source, and Details etc.

You can also fill other fields in the search box to get more specific results. Error information is specified in the errorMessage attribute in the Details column.

  • To view these errors in the Syslog, open the Syslog file in any text editor and search for a record in the Action Column.

  • To learn how to configure the Syslog Server on the CipherTrust Manager, refer to Syslogs.

List of Errors

Error messages gathered on the Syslog server are categorized into: