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View and Delete Licenses on CipherTrust Manager


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View and Delete Licenses on CipherTrust Manager

You can view and delete installed licenses on the CipherTrust Manager GUI.

Viewing Installed Licenses

The installed licenses table displays the complete list of additional features running on the CipherTrust Manager. The following information is displayed:

  • Feature: Name of the licensed Connector or appliance. The supported features include Virtual_KeySecure, DDC_DATA_ALLOWANCE, KMIP, LiveDataTransformation, ProtectApp, ProtectFile, and TransparentEncryption.

  • State: State of the license.

  • Expiration: License expiration date.

Licensing Detail Examples

To view the CCKM Cloud Unit Usage, expand the CCKM feature. The usage is shown under Total Cloud Units and Used Cloud Units, as shown below.

CCKM Unit Usage

To view the Client Usage of a connector, expand the feature. For example, the usage of CipherTrust Transparent Encryption licenses is shown below.

Connector Usage

For unlimited licenses (during the trial period), the total count shows a high number. When a license is activated and uploaded to the CipherTrust Manager, total count reflects the number of purchased and activated licenses. The used count indicates the number of active licenses used for currently registered clients/cloud units on the CipherTrust Manager appliance.

Deleting Installed Licenses

To delete an installed license:

  1. Navigate to the installed licenses table (Admin Settings > Licensing).

  2. Click the ellipsis icon corresponding to the license that you want to delete and click View/Edit.

  3. In the LICENSES screen that is displayed for the selected license, click the Delete active link to delete the license.