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Managing Licenses


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Managing Licenses

This section describes how to view details of your licenses, orders, and activated and available licenses.

Viewing Details of Your Licenses

To view the details of your purchased licenses:

  1. Log on to the License Portal. Refer to Logging on to the Portal for details. The Products tab is displayed.

  2. Under Product, expand the desired product entry.

    Alternatively, use the Search option located at the top right corner to locate a specific product. You can locate details of your ordered products by either searching the partial or complete product name (product version is NOT required).

    Expand multiple products to view details of multiple products.

  3. View product details. For each purchased product, the list shows the following details.

    Entitlement IDID of your entitlement. Your Entitlement ID (EID) is mentioned in the entitlement notification email.
    Order DateDate when the order was placed.
    Order NumberNumber of your order.
    PO NumberNumber of your Purchase Order (PO).
    ActivatedNumber of activated licenses.
    AvailableNumber of available activations (licenses).
    ActionsApplicable action. If a license is available (for example, if Available> 0), then the Activate button is active, otherwise, the button is unavailable.

Viewing Details of Your Orders

View the details of your purchased entitlement assets sorted by order date, order number, and purchase order etc on the Orders tab of the License Portal.

To view the details of your orders:

  1. Log on to the License Portal.

  2. Click the Orders tab.

Viewing Details of Your Activations

View the details of your previously activated licenses, related entitlements, and product information etc. on the Orders tab of the License Portal.

To view the details of activated licenses:

  1. Log on to the License Portal.

  2. Click the Activations tab. The list of previous actions, if any, is dispayed, as shown below.

Use the Search option to search for previous activations using either the partial Locking Code value or complete Locking Code value. For example, a search by single asterisk (*) returns all activations (and other relevant details) containing an asterisk in the Locking Code field, as shown below:

Similarly, you can search for your activations based on the Activation Date Range, Activation ID, Entitlement ID, and Product name to view desired activations.

License Management

You can install additional Connector licenses to increase the number of Total Clients/Total Cloud Units on a CipherTrust Manager appliance to register more Connectors or add more CCKM cloud entities.

For example, you have purchased 100 CipherTrust Transparent Encryption Connectors. You decide that you need one CTE license on a particular CipherTrust Manager appliance. You can activate one CTE license on your CipherTrust Manager by setting the quantity to 1 and uploading the license string. Refer to Activating a Connector License.

The License Portal keeps track of the remaining number of licenses. When you upload the license string to your CipherTrust Manager, you can register one CTE Connector with your CipherTrust Manager.

Later on, you may decide that you need more CTE clients on this CipherTrust Manager. Log on to the License Portal and activate more licenses. After you have uploaded the license string to the CipherTrust Manager, additional client licenses are available on the GUI.

Similarly, more licenses can be activated and added to the CipherTrust Manager cluster. Refer to Activating a CipherTrust Manager License.

Seek assistance from Thales Customer Support to:

  • Revoke a license

  • Remove/replace one licensed node from a CipherTrust Manager cluster

  • For any EMS portal error such as:

    This entitlement belongs to another customer. You are not authorized to use this entitlement.

  • For any errors when uploading a license to the CipherTrust Manager appliance.

    For example, if you use the Connector Lock Code instead of the Key Manager Lock Code to activate a CipherTrust Manager license, you see an error while uploading the license string to the CipherTrust Manager appliance.