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KMIP Licensing Model


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KMIP Licensing Model

Purchase one KMIP license per planned client, based on the number of storage controllers or servers that will be communicating with the CipherTrust Manager appliance. You are required to register KMIP clients and each client registration contributes to the license limit.

License enforcement on KMIP client communication works as follows:

  • CipherTrust Manager appliance has activated KMIP license: Valid KMIP license will enable the KMIP feature on the CipherTrust Manager. Registered KMIP clients can communicate with the CipherTrust Manager.

  • Reaching license capacity: The number of KMIP client registrations can't exceed the number of KMIP licenses. If you exceed this limit, a warning appears indicating that the CipherTrust Manager is running in non-compliance mode.

  • License expires: A red banner appears on the CipherTrust Manager GUI to inform the administrator of expired licenses. KMIP feature (from API) will show as expired. Also, a warning indicates that the CipherTrust Manager is running in non-compliance mode.